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Our Highly Utilized Picture of the Functional Brain Map

We incorporate a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures of success and progress into our practice.

Philosophy on Success

We believe success is individualized and equally dependent on the child’s capabilities and the cultivating process of the school. We craft a program that will fit the needs of both staff and students alike, in a universal language they can relate to: the biological BRAIN.

We respect cultures and fundamental beliefs, and these are woven throughout the intervention. We believe students are capable of change on a brain-based level due to neuroplasticity. We believe students learn best through an incorporation of sensory integration and neuropedagogy into teaching methodology. Success is measured by change in individual student outcomes, staff approach to thinking, teaching and talking about the brain.

Interactive Format of Learning

Joint Accountabilities

Our Services

We provide schools, individuals and/or educational entities with a specialized blend of services around execu-sensory and neuropedagogy consulting in a variety of formats. They include: lectures (single or workshop series), small group or individual staff consulting for professional development, small group or individual staff consulting for student intervention or any combination of the three. Once we enter into a partnership, we are always available by phone or email in between on-site visits.

Our Expectations

Upon entering into a partnership, we expect staff to fully participate in the processes proposed and agreed upon. Measurement of participation is intervention dependent and will come in a variety of tracking tools and questionnaires that will maintain and uphold quality assurance. This will be tailored from school to school dependent upon the tier and combination of services. This includes but is not limited to: active participation during professional development, follow-through on mutually crafted student intervention plans via baseline data completion, plan implementation, data tracking, coaching, RTI planning and production.


We can tailor our training sets according to your team’s timely needs and availability, however not sacrificing the long term benefits of the full effects of the knowledge base the partnership can give. Please see the Professional Development Section for the typical and suggested training hours for each set, and how you feel we can share what we know with your staff so they can be enlightened educators as well!

Refresher and Intervention Training



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