The Brain


This section provides the vital connections between the anatomical brain and the functional brain, the introduction of imparting instruction via utilization of the knowledge of the brain functioning, and utilizing the awareness of how technology has gThe Brain Elementiven a digital dichotomy between educators and students and how these influence the kind of brain that is produced based on the fast-paced ever evolving global environment. In this section, the Pre-Frontal Cortex is focused on with Executive Functioning Skills as the Learning Connection in the classroom and how these methods and strategies can ultimately fast track the learner into a sense of successful awareness of their skill levels during different school experiences in a day. Neuropedagogy 101 will explore the practical application of the aforementioned theory as it pertains to specific executive functioning skills.

Suggested Training Hours:

Beginner Series (no background) : 4 hours

Intermediate Series (mid-level background): 3 hours

Proficient/Expert Series (Refresher only): 2 hours


Suggested Tailored Professional Development Modules:

Beginner Series (no background): 2 hours

Intermediate Series (mid-level Background): 1.5 hours

Proficient/Expert Series (Refresher only): 45 minutes-1 hour


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