The Body

The Body



This section elevates the body as a medium between the mind and the brain; how Sensory Integration Theory and Multiple Intelligences Theory are at the foreground and set the stage for an educator and learner to participate in choices affecting their learning styles and output.



Also emphasized are how the isolated behaviors that come from the diverse intelligences with their origins  and expressions from bodily processes influence the social learning environment from the moment of awareness to the times of transitionThe Body 2, all before and after the brain and mind come into play. Neuropedagogy 102 will review important considerations for creating a multi-sensory classroom for learners of various intelligences and learning styles.  


Suggested Training Hours:

Beginner Series (no background) : 2 hours

Intermediate Series (mid-level background): 1.5 hours

Proficient/Expert Series (Refresher only): 45 minutes-1 hour

Suggested Tailored Professional Development Modules:

Beginner Series (no background): 1.5 hours

Intermediate Series (mid-level Background): 1 hour

Proficient/Expert Series (Refresher only): 45 minutes


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