What started as a conversation over coffee has become a project of collaboration and hard work.

When a colleague of mine came over to me explaining concepts about Sensory Processing and how the human body had seven senses and not five, we were immediately convinced that there was more neuroscience that could be utilized in real-time learning and proceeded to investigate the deeper caveats of learning: connecting the mind, the brain and the body and transforming anyone willing to learn and teach to just BE.

Thus the birth of Execu-Sensory and Neuropedagogy. It is the integration of the concepts that come natural to learning, the application of scientific research, daily evidence-based practice and knowledge from all corners of thinking. The goal is to own this as a personal experience and evolve from being full of potential into an all-encompassing beacon of mindful learning.

Through the utilization of brain science and biology in the classroom and overall learning environment, this partnership provides a uniquely interdisciplinary perspective on how children think, learn, and behave in the classroom by synthesizing the latest research from a variety of fields including: education, therapy, psychology, and neuroscience, which creates a wholistic picture of today’s children. Our ultimate goal is to teach others to teach to the body, the mind, and the brain.


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