The Mind


This section combines the knowledge of the physical and functional brain and the influence of bodily processes into the ever evolving mind of the learner and educator that is usually considered controversial in many scientific and educational discourThe Mindse and institutions. Here the Theory of Mind is explored and the process of Neuroplasticity, Habit formation, Behavior Modification and Routine Change as well as practical strategies on how to emerge from a Brain Lock Phenomenon which generally occurs across intense learning situations. Neuropedagogy 103 will clarify the executive functioning skills most often associated with habit formation and routine change.

Suggested Training Hours:

Beginner Series (no background) : 3 hours

Intermediate Series (mid-level background): 2 hours

Proficient/Expert Series (Refresher only): 1.5 hours

Suggested Tailored Professional Development Modules:

Beginner Series (no background): 2 hours

Intermediate Series (mid-level Background): 1.5 hours

Proficient/Expert Series (Refresher only): 45 minutes-1 hour


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