Sensory Integration: Tools that Rule (Indoors)

A must-have for the sensory conscious educator’s library!


Here are some website links that would lead to the better options for materials that are readily available in the market. A lot of them can easily be replicated by utilizing the knowledge from A. Jean Ayres and Carol Kranowitz publications as well as the ones synthesized during the Body section of the Seminar series.

For general online catalogs, I would recommend the following:

Here are several suggestions:

1. Visual Sensory System – interlocks with spatial awareness, one can never go wrong with Melissa and Doug 3D parquetry and/or pattern puzzles.

2. Auditory Sensory System – the buzzwords are Spatially Surround Sound (SSS) in the choices of stimulation, even those that are meant to calm and soothe the soul.

3. Tactile Sensory System – rough and/or prickly tend to incite flight or flight, smooth calms and centers, soft depresses the fight or flight system, and squishy is an overall pleasurable system.

4. Proprioceptive Sensory System – low vibration without heat maintains equilibrium and tone in joints for kids who love to squeeze or need squeezing to focus.

5. Kinesthetic/Vestibular System – controlled movement (not more than 10 minutes as an indoor rule) in s purposeful, playful manner improve attention and focus to novelty academic task than the other senses when taken separately from the rest: movement wakes up and regulates brain activity!

6. Olfactory System – the most difficult to regulate and integrate for many reasons: smells are subjective for children. As a rule, oils are better than sprays or candles.

7. Gustatory System – as a rule, anything minty alerts, sugary incites hyperactivity, bitter increases calm and salt decreases alertness.


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