Replacing Classroom Chairs with Exercise Balls

Here are some studies and articles regarding the efficaciousness of replacing classroom chairs with stability balls. Please read and review carefully before implementing this technique into your classroom. I want to note that all of these studies involved small sample sizes and the greatest improvement was seen in students with an ADHD or ADD diagnosis; however, there was a generalized improvement in all students.  A negative to point out is the tendency for slouching to reemerge after novelty has worn off, which can lead to back pain and/or minor back problems.
Overall, I think this is a positive and effective technique if implemented correctly and introduced gradually. As with any new technique, I would recommend regular follow-up with students to ensure any negative side effects are mitigated before poor habits develop.

Examples of stability balls in and out of the classroom. Links will take you to websites where you can purchase these products.



4 thoughts on “Replacing Classroom Chairs with Exercise Balls

  1. Unless they were older children or very mature for their age, the “ball for a chair” may not work in a classroom setting. Too easy to roll, bounce, throw, or fall off of. Chaos could very well ensue.


    1. You are truly correct, Angela, in saying that there has to be caution in the choice and use of this intervention. We made sure that was stated upon the writing of the article as, firstly this is q highly specialized type of intervention that needs consistency and manpower, and secondly, it does not work for all types of classroom settings or students. There are classroom settings that actually are 6:1:1 8:1:1, or even 12:1:1 or 12:1:4 with potential 1:1 paraprofessionals similar to what we see in NYC public schools wherein that may be monitored for some students in that type of environment. Like with everything, fitting the intervention is key!

      Thank you for your valuable insight, Angela and we appreciate your support!

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